Real Estate

The Real Estate industry is always transforming with the development of new technology, and real estate agents have adopted an array of tools that help them provide increasingly sophisticated services to their customers.  Virtual Tours and Virtual Open Houses on social media are quickly becoming a popular option for buyers and sellers in place of the traditional open house – and offer an incredible opportunity that benefits the consumer.

Expand your Opportunity to View More Homes

Virtual Open Houses let buyers reach more properties, and sellers reach more buyers, in more places, by way of various platforms that show tours live via websites: YouTube, FaceTime – and Facebook and Instagram Live.   It also allows agents to reach potential buyers while saving consumers the time they would normally spend repeating in-person tours.

Helpful Tips on Exploring the Virtual Real Estate World

Get Familiarized with Different Platforms
With the rapidly changing pace of technology, it may seem daunting for a buyer or seller to know which platform may suit them best in their home-buying journey or in the sale of their home, whether it’s Facebook Live, YouTube, Skype or other platforms.  Many of these platforms have "How To" guides on their websites to help a consumer navigate their way around an agent’s version of a virtual tour.

Ask a Me for a Virtual Property Tour
Life situations can hamper the time needed to travel to a traditional, in-person open house.  Many agents utilize some form of a Virtual Open House to meet the ever-evolving needs of their customers, so ask me for a virtual tour.   Aside from convenience, "virtual property tours" including Drone Footage or still shots in a YouTube video, can also assist by viewing properties with pools, ponds and lakes, as well, as grand acreage.  

Be Ready!
Consumers should be ready at their computer at a specific time if they have questions for me while the Virtual Tour is going on, along with marking the date and time on your computer’s calendar so you don’t miss it.   Another great way to be synced-in with me is to ask what social media platforms I use and follow me on your social media feeds  (such as Facebook, YouTube or Instagram) for updated information on upcoming Virtual Open Houses.

And…Virtual Open Houses Benefit Sellers Too!

If you’re selling your home, it offers a more comfortable way to display, market and sell your home without having to vacate for potential buyers every time there’s a viewing appointment.   In turn, it provides you with a sense of privacy and safety.